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Sunday, 27 January 2019 00:13

Notes from Meeting Jan 26, 2019

Called to order: 12:07PM

Attendees: Jack, Sue, Phil, Gary M, David, Cesar, Mario

Minutes from last meeting were read, motion to approve by Phil, seconded and approved

Treasurer’s report read, motion to approve by Phil, seconded and approved

Old Business: Phil will get aluminum crates to Gary M soon

New Business:

Futurity versus Bond Race – in a bond race, typically bonds are purchased at the first YB race but birds to fly in the bond race are not nominated until the loading the birds for the bond race. Motion by Gary M: have bond race instead of futurity. Seconded and approved.

Old Bird Schedule:

Race Station





April 6, 2019


100 mi station

Angel Peak

April 13, 2019


125 mi station

Cortez, CO

April 20, 2019


200 mi station

Monticello, UT

April 27, 2019


250 mi station

Green River, UT

May 4, 2019


350 mi station

Price, UT

May 11, 2019


400 mi station

Optional 500 mi race

May 18, 2019


500 mi station

Club Supplies

  • chip bands: purchase 500. Phil will contact Deister to see if he can reduce shipping costs
  • AU bands: proposal is to purchase NWF bands instead of individual loft bands to see if this will reduce costs. Phil to investigate.
  • Diplomas: Sue will inventory current supply and order as needed.

Phil moves to adjourn. Seconded and approved.

Adjourn: 12:52PM